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Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk: A Review of the Drama Film Starring Vineeth and Yuvarani

Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk: A Review of the Drama Film Starring Vineeth and Yuvarani

If you are looking for a classic Tamil drama film to watch, you might want to check out Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk. This film, directed by R. Raghuraj and produced by K. T. Kunjumon, features Vineeth and Yuvarani in the lead roles, along with Nizhalgal Ravi, Vadivelu, Manorama, Sivakumar, Viji, Raadhika and Vittal Rao in supporting roles. The film was released on 10 January 1997 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

The plot of Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk revolves around Sakthi, a young man who returns to his village after being separated from his parents at birth. He becomes the manager of the village's temple and falls in love with Raani, the daughter of the village chief Periya Ayya. However, he faces many obstacles from Sethupathi, the brother of Varalakshmi, who is married to Dharmaraj, Sakthi's biological father. Sethupathi tries to rob the temple's valuables and frames Sakthi for it. Sakthi then discovers his true identity and reunites with his parents, who had been living in misery for years.

Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk

Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk is a film that explores the themes of family, love, justice and faith. The film has a melodramatic tone and a sentimental appeal. The film also showcases the rural culture and traditions of Tamil Nadu. The film has some comedy scenes involving Vadivelu and Manorama, who play Sakthi's friends. The film also has some songs composed by R. Anandh and written by Vairamuthu.

Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk is a film that might appeal to fans of old-school Tamil cinema. The film has a simple story and a predictable climax. The film also has some flaws in terms of editing, cinematography and logic. The film might not be suitable for viewers who prefer modern and realistic films.

If you want to watch Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk, you can find it on various online platforms such as YouTube, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video. You can also download it from iTunes using the link below:

Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk

In this article, we will review some of the aspects of Sakthi Tamil Movie 1997 Download Itunesk, such as the performances, the direction, the music and the message.


The film has a decent cast of actors who deliver their roles with sincerity. Vineeth and Yuvarani have a good chemistry as the lead pair and convey their emotions well. Vineeth plays the role of Sakthi with confidence and charm. He shows his versatility in different scenes, such as the romantic, the emotional and the action ones. Yuvarani plays the role of Raani with grace and innocence. She is cute and expressive in her scenes with Vineeth. She also has a strong screen presence and holds her own against the veteran actors.

Nizhalgal Ravi plays the role of Sethupathi, the main antagonist of the film. He is convincing as the greedy and ruthless villain who tries to ruin Sakthi's life. He has a menacing look and a powerful voice that suit his character. Vadivelu and Manorama play the roles of Irulandi and Velammal, Sakthi's loyal friends who provide comic relief. They have some funny dialogues and situations that make the audience laugh. They also have some emotional moments with Sakthi that show their friendship.

Sivakumar and Raadhika play the roles of Dharmaraj and Seethalakshmi, Sakthi's biological parents who have been separated from him for years. They are both seasoned actors who portray their characters with dignity and depth. They have some touching scenes with Vineeth that show their love and pain. Viji plays the role of Varalakshmi, Dharmaraj's wife who is unaware of his past. She is decent in her role and has some confrontational scenes with Raadhika. Vittal Rao plays the role of Periya Ayya, the village chief who is Raani's father and Sakthi's adoptive father. He is authoritative and strict in his role and has some conflicts with Sakthi.


The film is directed by R. Raghuraj, who makes his debut with this film. He has worked as an assistant director for K. T. Kunjumon, who is also the producer of this film. He has a good sense of storytelling and handles the drama well. He also manages to balance the different elements of the film, such as romance, comedy, action and sentiment. He also extracts good performances from his actors and creates some memorable scenes.

However, he also has some drawbacks in his direction. He fails to create a strong impact with his climax and resolution. He also uses some clichÃs and stereotypes in his plot and characters. He also relies too much on melodrama and sentimentality to evoke emotions from the audience. He also could have improved his technical aspects, such as editing, cinematography and logic.


The film has music composed by R. Anandh, who is a popular advertising film composer who has also composed for some Malayalam films. He makes his Tamil debut with this film and delivers a decent soundtrack that suits the mood of the film. He uses a variety of genres and instruments to create different songs that appeal to different tastes.

The film has six songs written by Vairamuthu, who is a renowned lyricist who has won several awards for his work. He writes some meaningful and poetic lyrics that enhance the songs' quality. The songs are sung by some talented singers, such as P. Unni Krishnan, Gopal Rao, Swarnalatha, Mano, Annupamaa, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Vadivelu.

The songs are:

  • "Aaraaro Enbathu" - A soothing melody sung by P. Unni Krishnan that expresses Sakthi's love for Raani.

  • "Achu Vellame" - A peppy duet sung by Gopal Rao and Swarnalatha that shows Sakthi's playful teasing of Raani.

  • "Manamadurai" - A folk song sung by Mano and Swarnalatha that depicts Sakthi's village life and culture.

  • "Mutham Koduthal" - A romantic duet sung by Mano and Annupamaa that shows Sakthi's proposal to Raani.

"Sakthi Sakthi" - A motivational song sung by Kav 29c81ba772


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