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Sonic Maker Online: A Classic Sonic Level Building Game

Sonic the Hedgehog 2D: A Guide to the Best Fan Games

If you are a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, you probably know that there are many fan games that recreate or reimagine the classic 2D platforming experience of the blue blur. Some of these fan games are so well-made and polished that they can rival the official games in terms of quality and fun. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best Sonic the Hedgehog 2D fan games that you can download and play for free.

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Sonic 3D in 2D

One of the most impressive fan games is Sonic 3D in 2D, which is a 2D reimagining of Sonic 3D Blast, a game that was originally released for the Sega Genesis and Saturn in 1996. Sonic 3D Blast was an attempt to bring Sonic into the 3D world, but it was criticized for its isometric perspective and clunky controls. Sonic 3D in 2D fixes these issues by transforming the game into a side-scrolling platformer that takes elements from the other Mega Drive/Genesis games.

Sonic 3D in 2D features 15 acts to explore in 8 zones, each with its own unique theme and challenges. You can play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, each with their own abilities and physics. You can also collect all classic shields, including the Golden Shield that allows you to use the homing attack with Sonic. The game also has 15 boss battles that will test your skills and reflexes. The game has amazing graphics and music, as well as lots of Easter eggs and unlockable extras for more gameplay options.

You can download Sonic 3D in 2D from Game Jolt or

Sonic Maker Online

If you ever wanted to create your own Sonic levels, then Sonic Maker Online is the game for you. This fan game is a classic Sonic level building game that lets you design and play your own stages using a simple and intuitive interface. You can choose from various tiles, objects, enemies, and backgrounds from different Sonic games, as well as customize the music and sound effects. You can also share your creations online and play levels made by other users.

Sonic Maker Online is a great way to unleash your creativity and enjoy endless possibilities of Sonic gameplay. You can download Sonic Maker Online from

Sonic EXP

Sonic EXP is another fan game that reimagines Sonic gameplay with new features and mechanics. This fan game is made for fun and experience by Coderman64, who wanted to learn how to make a Sonic game using Game Maker Studio. The result is a fast-paced and challenging platformer that will keep you on your toes.

Sonic EXP has four zones with four acts each, plus a final boss zone. The game introduces new elements such as gravity switches, speed boosters, dash pads, wall jumps, and more. The game also has a dynamic camera system that zooms in and out depending on your speed and position. The game has smooth animations and colorful graphics, as well as an original soundtrack composed by Coderman64 himself.

You can download Sonic EXP from

Sonic Origins Pocket Edition

If you are looking for a new Sonic adventure with a retro style, then Sonic Origins Pocket Edition is the game for you. This fan game is a remake of Sonic Origins, a cancelled project that was supposed to be a reboot of the Sonic series. The fan game recreates the original concept with pixel art graphics and chiptune music.

Sonic Origins Pocket Edition lets you play with Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles in a new story that takes place on Flicky Island. You can explore six zones with three acts each, plus a final boss zone. The game has multiple paths and secrets to discover, as well as collectibles such as Chaos Emeralds and Red Rings. The game also has a time attack mode where you can compete for the best scores and times.

You can download Sonic Origins Pocket Edition from

Sonic Freedom Forces

Finally, if you are looking for a fan game that combines elements from different Sonic games into one epic experience, then Sonic Freedom Forces is the game for you. This fan game is inspired by various official games such as Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Generations, and more. The fan game aims to deliver a diverse and satisfying gameplay that appeals to all kinds of fans.

Sonic Freedom Forces has eight zones with two acts each, plus two final boss zones. You can play as four teams of three characters each: Team Hero (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles), Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, Omega), Team Rose (Amy, Cream, Big), and Team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy, Vector). Each team has its own story and gameplay style: speed, power, flight, or stealth. You can also switch between characters at any time during gameplay. The game also has 15 boss battles that will put your skills to the test.

You can download Sonic Freedom Forces from Game Jolt.


These are just some of the best Sonic the Hedgehog 2D fan games that you can download and play for free. There are many more fan games out there that deserve your attention and support. If you love Sonic and want to experience new ways of playing with him and his friends, then you should definitely check out these fan games and see what they have to offer. 4e3182286b


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