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Purple Stars


"Well, I feel like between the call with you last Thursday and the prayer call Friday opened doors. On a professional level, that Monday, I had my 2nd interview for a Healthcare Recruiter. Now, the interview wasn't bad, but she basically kept telling me my experience was more of a Recruitment Coordinator than Recruiter, which was fine. By the end of the interview, I felt defeated. That Friday, my Recruiter said I got the job, but it was going to be for a Recruiting Coordinator. She said they liked me so much and wanted to bring me on, they "created" the Coordinator for me and would like to see me promoted through the company.


Personally.....during the prayer we talked about removing anger. Well, my parents divorced very early. My father was here visiting last week. Our visits have always been of him like judging me, but we actually had a very nice brunch one day and then dinner the next. Also, my now ex, it's getting easier to talk to him ever since I removed hurt and anger. It feels like we're very good friends."


- Latoya 

"Your prayer last week aided in my deliverance for healing as well, but not only did I not realize I had to ask for God’s Deliverance for Healing, but ask to break generational curses and remove me from anything demonic I’ve been connected to, such as your topic this morning! Girl, I even went thru my house & storage room and filled up a bin with stuff that I later learned was against God. Little did I know. As well as, surrender to those things I did not realize was a resentment I carried on my heart. 


I sometimes wonder if God spoke to me as a warm Christian,  because just 6 months prior to my outpour with Him,  He called me to draw near to Him,(but I thought it was my idea) by worshiping, praying & getting into the Word. I wasn’t exactly on fire, but I moved forward with effort.  Then 6 months later was my outpour. I believe He was ready to use me after that, but missed His Will for that time. I am convicted that He is moving me towards His Will now."


- T. M. 

"My testimony this morning is that last night, I felt led to invite some family and an old friend on here for some reason and I thank god I listened because my stepmom let me know that she received the deliverance she needed and my friend let me know how she truly needed this because she’s going through a lot, so I just give god the praise for that! This word was on time as always!"

-Raquel M.

"God always brings what you need right when you need it!! Always giving you a way of escape when you need it to release what has been held up, that blessing he wants to give you!! This was evident more then ever doing the prayer calls this week! With my obedience to my Yes , He brought a greater understanding of repentance to me! How that holding past hurts and never truly forgiving those that may have done me wrong , slandered my name or caused me some type of pain was holding me back from the release of what he intended for me to have! Essentially the enemy was holding my blessings hostage, Leviticus 19:18 assisted with this understanding. And then there came the true release when I read and understood more fully Numbers 6: 24-25 This scripture gave me the words to stand on when I thought of those individuals, it allowed me to send them love and light and soften my heart to forgiveness, the floodgates opened and living water flowed!! The reoccurring headache that I had been receiving every morning at the start of prayer and right when I would go to bed at night stopped ... I felt that heaviness leave me and it was confirmed that I was free!!!


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